The East Cleveland Neighborhood Center (ECNC) is a Substance Abuse Prevention and Educational Enrichment Center that promotes emotional wellness and decreases non-academic barriers through our self-efficacy, compassion, and evidence-based strategies. 


We work to strengthen and empower families and communities by enhancing and maximizing capabilities and access to resources.

East Cleveland Neighborhood Center is committed to ensuring the sustainability of program goals, reflective of best practices, that lead to positive outcomes.


About East Cleveland Neighborhood Center

Empowering Youth and Families from East Cleveland and Neighboring Communities

Empower Youth, Inspire the Community for a Safe and Healthy Future

East Cleveland Neighborhood Center (ECNC) envisions all children growing up to be successful adults engaged in their community and possessing the tools to advocate for themselves and those in need.


Programs & Services

ECNC prevention education programs are designed to impact attitudes about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs through the use of evidence-based curricula and activities. These group activities are structured to inform, educate, develop skills and alter at-risk behaviors by promoting resiliencies. Groups are either held at schools during the day or at ECNC after school or summer programming.


Drug and Alcohol Prevention Education Services 

Evidence-based Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Prevention Education curriculum are presented at all grade school levels within East Cleveland Public Schools and at middle and high school locations in surrounding communities. These prevention education services are also conducted as part of ECNC’s after-school and summer enrichment programming at its headquarters within the East Cleveland Public Library. 


Children’s Defense Fund (CDF) Freedom Schools 

Rooted in the American Civil Rights Movement and the courageous efforts of college students to make a difference, the ECNC CDF Freedom Schools is offered each summer.  The program serves children and youth ages 5 – 18 and facilitates reading skills and development of positive attitudes toward learning.  It also focuses on the cultivation of self-esteem, cultural identity, and connecting families to local resources. Conducted in an energetic learning environment with high expectations for success, the core belief of the instructional model is that all children are capable of achievement.  Click here to enroll in ECNC Online Freedom School


Community Youth Diversion Program

The East Cleveland Neighborhood Center Community Youth Diversion Program is conducted in collaboration with the City of East Cleveland and Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. This voluntary prevention program for young first-time offenders of misdemeanors or status offenses is designed to divert youth away from further juvenile court involvement.  Through collaboration with the juvenile court system, voluntarily assigned youth are sanctioned to participate in community services and prevention program(s).  They are required to attend a series of classes where attendance, engagement, and performance are monitored.  


Youth Council and Girls Talk

These programs provide middle and high school-aged youth with opportunities to participate in an empowerment program with focus on the development of leadership skills, problem identification, and resolution.  The foundation is based on peer to peer engagement and support, as well as learning how to make a difference within themselves and other community groups. 


Shoes and Clothes for Kids

Through a collaboration with the Shoes and Clothes for Kids organization, ECNC is a major distribution site that serves the communities’ most vulnerable populations. ECNC distributes clothing items 4-5 times per year to youth and families.

Community Partnerships

ECNC partners with community organizations to accomplish the agency’s vision of inspiring youth and connecting them to the future. These partnerships help us to make use of trends, opportunities, and connections that promote quality service.


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East Cleveland Neighborhood Center

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